Two power women - two mothers who love their independence and get really creative in the middle between home office and homeschooling.

When I spoke to Isabelle on the phone for the first time a few months ago, it quickly became clear that we really wanted to set up a joint project. We planned to celebrate Mother's Day, but right from the start we didn't want a typical "Mother's Day gift" but rather something with which you could simply reward yourself, give someone a gift and simply enjoy it.

Summer pastels

Not only do we share the same preference for some colors, such as mauve, lilac and coral. No, we are currently in the same boat as many others. We wish we had a little more normality again, sociable evenings with friends, trips to other countries and a certain lightness. So let's dream a little further away with summery pastel tones in shimmering gemstones.

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Daniela Miska