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"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans"
-Allen Saunders

Fascinated by the many small beads, tassels and gemstones, as well as the colors coral and lilac, FRIDAY ATELIER was founded in 2019 by Daniela Miska in Düsseldorf. The fashion designer now designs and manufactures all pieces of jewelry in her studio together with a small team, with great love and dedication to detail.

With an uncompromising demand for quality and the will to find a way between fashion jewelry and fine jewelry, Daniela quickly discovered gold filled as the material for herself, which was previously very rare to find in Germany. Nothing comes closer to real gold and so FRIDAY ATELIER closes the gap for smaller wallets with elegant necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Long-lasting pieces of jewelry, but also statement pieces, make every collection something special. Whether rose or yellow gold filled, sterling silver, gemstones or acrylic.

Right from the start, individuality was very important to Daniela and so personalizable pieces of jewelry have become indispensable. You can choose between classic letter beads, the popular filigree love letter initial pendants and engravings on plaques.

FRIDAY ATELIER can be found in its own online shop and selected concept stores in Europe.